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The Grüner See is our final destination. This mountain lake is on 776 meters high in Steiermark Austria. A visit to this lake will take you through the pittoresk village of Tragöss, some 25 km north of  Bruck a.d. Mur. Driving to the lake takes us through amazing mountains and typical Austrian villages. It a good preparation for our diving adventure. The trip ends at the Guesthouse “Seehof”, a nice mountain hit where they provide food and drinks. A perfect place where you can enjoy the company of your buddy’s. Discussing the upcomming dive or enjoying a good meal and a beer after the divie.. In front of the guesthouse there is more than enough place to park your car.

As usual when ariving on a new divespot we first check out the water. We are surprised by the color of the water in the lake. It’s really special. The water is cristal-clear and has a distinct greenish-blue color. With the sun shining on the water it is almost like you have entered a fairy-tale.This beautiful emerald green color of the water has given the “Grüner See” it’s name.

Every year in spring as the snow on the mountains starts to melt in this valley near Tragöss. Very cold melting water flows into this valley and after a while there is a real lake. The lake can reach a maximum depth of 11 meters. In sumertime you will miss the lake. There will only be a small stream of water left.And then this area is only suitable for hiking. We could see this area must be very beautifull in summer. But we did not come here to walk; we wanted to dive. From may till halfway summer you can enjoy diving in this lake.



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