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Shooting critters in Indonesia.

Photography is all about watching. You really have to look at your subject to determine the perfect shot. This is especially important while taking close-up pictures. Most photographers think that close-up photography is easy and that wide angle is difficult. From a technical standpoint this is true. Most modern camera’s work very well in combination with modern strobes and this is perfect for close-up photography. For wide angle you have complex lighting situations when you want to use both ambient light and strobe light.

Lembeh is our favorite for shooting critters. The black sand hosts a lot of different creatures waiting to get on the picture. At first the black sand looks a little bit depressing; but when you start finding all these creatures you will have the time of your life. Different kinds of frogfish and eals, nudibrachs etc are hiding on the sandy bottem.

Lembeh is probably the "hot shot" for divers. But it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on staying here. There are a lot of different resorts where both back-packers and those seeking more luxury can find their ideal resort. When diving there is no difference. With a good dive guide you will find creatures you didn't imagined existing.



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