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Already for a lot of years divers go to the Philippines. And for sure, diving in the Philippines has many different faces. In this enormous country you can enjoy your dive holiday in many ways. We have chosen this time to visit a dive resort on the island Negros: Pura Vida. This island in the Visayas area of the Philippines offers many possibilities of enjoying the under water life.

The Philippines lie between 21 and 5 degrees north of equator. This Asian country is in total 300.000 km2 large and exists of more than 7000 different islands. As a result of its tropical position it is always pleasantly to stay there. The Philippines have actually three different seasons. From November up to February it is the “cold” and dry season. The warmer and dry season runs from March to June followed by a wet season from July to October. The temperature is with 31 - 33 degrees always very pleasant. Roughly you can state that the Philippines can be subdivided into three geographical areas: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. In each of these areas there are good possibilities for divers. You can find here things from big whale sharks to tiny pygmy sea horses; for each diver there is a nice spot to be found.
But as said we before for us it is time to go to the Visayas. The Pura Vida Resort will become our house for the coming two weeks.

Because of the position of the Visayas area, outside of the typhoon area, it is possible to dive here all year around.



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