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During our search for small creatures we noticed that you van find loads of creatures living on Echimodermata. On starfish, cushion starfish, sea cucumbers, sea-urchins and sea apples we found a lot of small, beautiful but well camouflaged guests. Join us in our search!

Starfish are animals belonging to the phylum of the Echinoderms (Echinodermata) and to the class of the Asteroidea. Below this point several different species are identified. At this moment some 1800 different starfish are discovered. The fun thing about starfish is that you will see them all over the World. The tropical waters of the Indo Pacific are famous for their big variety off star fish. But also areas around Australia and the cold water areas off the North Pacific are well known for their big diversity of starfish. Starfish are characterized by their radial symmetry.

Most starfish have five arms which are built around an invisible central disc in their body. Incidentally starfish with more or less than five arms are found. Although all sea stars have the same body constitution they vary mutually strong with regard to form and color. The ordinary starfish such as we know in the colder European waters has clearly recognizable five arms whereas on the cushion starfish there are hardly different arms to be distinguished. Despite this also the cushion starfish has the same pentaradial symmetry with regard to their body construction.



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